Meet The Crew!

Paloma, Owner

Hello! My name is Paloma, and I am honoured to be the owner and operator of Prancing Paws Ottawa. Throughout my Pet Grooming journey, which spans nearly a decade, I've been fortunate to embark on my independent venture shortly before the onset of the pandemic. My goal has always been to serve our beloved floofs with a personalized approach, dedicating ample time and genuine affection to their needs. It fills me with pride to offer tailored care and undivided attention to each and every pet under my care.

Owner and Pet Stylist


Senior Emotional Support Buddy

Hi! I'm Roxy!
I am the official brains behind the operation, let's face it. I help my mum, Paloma in the grooming salon, by keeping my buddies comapny. Sometimes they need me and other times I know it's better to let them be. More often than not, you can find me sleeping under the grooming table or on my favourite salon chair, waiting to give them kisses and play.
I will always greet you with a wagging tail and kisses (if you let me) and you can be sure, I'll shake you down for any treats in your pockets!


Emotional Support Buddy #2

Hi! I'm Dief!
I've been helping Mum and Roxy out in the salon for a few months now!
Roxy still calls the shots and is helping me guide our new friends through the grooming process. I'm very happy to see you when you get here and I love making new fur friends. I look out for them the same way that Roxy does and I will always make sure they feel safe and happy too!