Policies and Procedures

To secure an appointment with Prancing Paws Ottawa, please ensure to read the following synopsis of our policies and procedures. You will be sent the detailed Grooming Contract to review and complete prior to your appointment.

Health and Safety

Physical and Behavioural

Pets must be up to date on all of their shots and a copy of their vaccination record must be sent to Paloma prior to booking any appointment.

The required Vaccines:

DHPP(DAPP), Rabies, Bordetella(AKA Kennel or Canine Cough)&Leptospirosis

In the event that your pet has a medical reason (i.e. severe allergic reaction) to the aforementioned vaccines, it is at Prancing Paws Ottawa’s discretion to allow them to frequent the salon, at which time a mandatory Vulnerable Pet Waiver will need to be completed and signed by pet parents and absolves Prancing Paws Ottawa of any liabilities.

If a pet is missing a vaccine and you would like to book an appointment, they must obtain the required shot. There must be a minimum of 48 hours between their vaccines and their appointment to avoid potential additional stress to their system.

Since my main focus is on floofs that require extra attention and care, it is imperative for pet parents to be forthcoming of their pets' behavioural conditions, medical conditions, medications (including but not limited to sedatives, heart medications, etc.) or any recent medical procedures prior to the agreed upon appointment date. It is at Prancing Paws Ottawa's discretion to accept or decline service of a pet with medical needs, as not all pets are able to safely handle the process.

Failure to disclose any behavioural or medical specifics or deceiving Prancing Paws Ottawa about medication administration (i.e. stating it was administered when itnwasn't), is a violation of our Health and Safety Policies and is grounds for the grooming relationship to be terminated.

Behavioural, Medical Conditions and/or procedures are subject but not limited to:

● Biting (Nipping/Nibbling)

● Anxiety

● Resource Guarding

● Trauma

● Skin conditions

● Open wounds

● Heart conditions

● Esophageal/Tracheal issues

● Seizures

● Hip Dysplasia

● Rotting, Missing/Broken Teeth

● Dental Work

● Spay/Neuter

● Arthritis/Osteoarthritis

● Deafness

● Blindness,

● Growths, etc..

Notifying Prancing Paws Ottawa of the above mentioned the day before or on the appointment day is not acceptable. This will result in your appointment being cancelled with subsequent fees applied.

Prancing Paws Ottawa’s priority is your pet’s health and safety. We reserve the right to refuse service if we feel the grooming experience may increase any stress or risk to pre-existing conditions in your pet.

Prancing Paws Ottawa reserves the right to refuse service to floofs who may pose a health and safety liability to either themselves or me. This may include pets who are unable to stand, unable to control bodily functions, severe heart conditions, compromised autoimmune disorders etc.