Starting in January 2024 we will be offering the following:

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Different dog breeds have different needs;

Our double coated breeds (i.e. Labrador Retrievers, Huskys, Australian Shepherds, etc.) don't get their hair cut while our curlier coated friends (i.e. Poodles, ShiTzus, Yorkshire Terriers, etc.) do!

To keep things stimple, we have a set price list. Prices are non-negotiable.

Please note:

Prices do not include additional associated costs or add-on services such as but not limited to additional grooming time, matting fees, nail dremeling etc.

What's included?

All full grooming appointments include(if applicable): Bath, Blow-dry, Brush Out, Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning/Shaping, Haircut, Beard Styling, Face Shaping, Brow Triming, Nail Trim, Sanitary Trim, Tail Tidy, Foot Trim, Pad Shave and complimentary weight check.

*We do not provide hand-stripping services

*We do not provide anal gland expression or ear plucking services.

*We do not provide cat grooming (except nail trims).

*We do not provide de-skunking or flea bathing treatment


Less than 20lbs: $95.00 + HST

21-30lbs: $125.00 + HST

31-40lbs: $135.00 + HST

41-50 lbs: $145.00 + HST

51lbs-60lbs: $155.00 + HST

61 lbs-70 lbs: $165.00 + HST

71lbs-80lbs: $175.00 + HST

81 lbs-90 lbs: $185.00 + HST

91 lbs-100 lbs: $200.00 + HST

101 lbs and above: Starting at $215.00 + HST

*Not sure of your pups' weight? No problem! We can weigh them for you too!

Payments are to be rendered prior to picking up your pet if you are paying via our e-invoicing system.

E-Transfer *Must be sent prior to pick up

In person: Cash *We cannot break $100 bills.

X We do not accept: VisaDebit, MasterCardDebit, Personal Cheques, Crypto Currencies,


Matting Fees: $45 (Charged by every 30 minutes of additional work)

Nail Grinding: $35+HST

Nail Trimming: $25+HST

Nail Trim, Pad Shave: $35+HST

Nail Trim, Pad Shave, Nail Grinding $50+HST

Quick Tidy Up (Face Trim, Foot Trim, Pad Shave, Nail Trim, Sanitary Shave): $60+HST

Brush Out: $40 (Charged every 40 mins of brushing) *Pets must not be matted to have this service

Weight Check: $10+HST

Cat Nail Trims: $40+HST

Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us for information and pricing!

Subscribe and Save!

Choose from one of our packages of 4!

Purchase your Subscribe & Save package(s) in full prior to your appointment.

1 Package of Paw Care-Nail Trims (4 Visits)

Subscribe and Save:$75+Hst. (Regular value $99.44 or $22+Hst/per visit)

1 Package of Paw Care-Nail Trims & Pad Shave(4Visits)

Subscribe & Save $100+Hst. (Regular value $135.60 or $30+Hst/per visit)

1 Package of Quick Tidy Up Services (Face Trim, Sanitary Shave, Nail Trim & Pad Shave) (4 Visits)

Subscribe and Save: $180+Hst. ( Regular Value $203.40 or $45+Hst/per visit)

These packages cannot be combined with other services (e.g., bathing, full grooming or pre-existing booked appointments).

Packages are non-refundable.

Late or no-show appointments will still incur fees.

Packages are valid for six months only from the purchase date.

Additional Services

Meet and Greet! $60+HST

Dog Grooming can be overwhelming for our furry friends, whether they're seasoned or new to the process and/or anxious.

I offer a Meet and Greet appointment, to help them get to know their new enviroment!

This also gives the pup(s) a chance to see, sniff and explore the space, get to know me and a chance for us to discuss their needs.

Grooming Training! Starting at $80+HST

Recognizing the deep bond between pet and owner, we understand that our cherished companions sometimes benefit from extra care and reacquaintance with the world of dog grooming.

In response, we offer 1 hour Grooming Training sessions which is a gradual reentry into the grooming routine. This process entails gently reintroducing them to each step, a method particularly effective for dogs with past or present sensitivities(trauma).

This training is designed to redefine your pup's perception of the grooming space, turning it into a place of security and, with time, fun.

Central to our approach is the power of positive reinforcement, a technique grounded in rewards and encouragement.

Together (you, floof and I!) we'll navigate the path ahead, customizing a grooming routine that caters to your pup's individual needs. This is a journey that focuses on empowerment, allowing your pup (by proxy you too!) to regain confidence at their own pace.

This isn't a one time fix it solution. This is an ongoing process, supported by their regular grooming sessions and your consitency of care at home.

Still have questions? Please email us for additional information!

Grooming How To's! Starting at $90+HST

We are excited to offer basic dog grooming maintenance sessions that encompass a range of important skills.

In these sessions, we'll cover the basic essential tasks such as: bathing combing, brushing, and nail maintenance, ear cleaning (no ear plucking). Additionally, we'll delve into the invaluable aspect of understanding and responding to your pup's cues, while also recognizing and respecting your own boundaries during the grooming process.

These dedicated sessions provide us with the perfect opportunity to thoroughly explore the nuances of each task. We'll take the time to discuss the "how tos" in detail, ensuring a clear understanding. What's more, we'll put these techniques into action under supervised guidance, allowing you to gain confidence in your basic grooming skills while providing a comfortable experience for your pup.

Please note:

Prancing Paws Ottawa does not provide certified Pet Grooming Training.

Prancing Paws Ottawa does not provide all over haircut training. For Certified Pet Grooming, or to learn more indepth grooming techniques, please contact a recocgnised program.

Pet Photography

In addition to helping your floofs with their grooming needs, we also offer Pet Photography!

We have a variety of backdrops onsite or I just use nature to capture special moments of your floofs.

For Pricing, please email us! Part of the proceeds are donated to the Ottawa Foodbank.


Cancellations, Tardiness, etc.

Prancing Paws Ottawa requires a minimum of 48 hours advance notice to cancel appointments.

We have a strict  5 minute grace- period for tardiness however, past this time, we will consider this a No Show and your appointment will be cancelled. You will still be billed the cost of the services you booked plus applicable taxes.

Complete details of our fees can be found in our grooming contract. Please contact us for additional information!