Don't Poodle My Doodle...

... Is something Groomers hear a lot of and has the same irksome trigger of a child asking repeatedly “Are we there yet?”

Before saying that to your grooming team, take a moment. Have you got a picture or grooming notes on hand to show them what you would like?

It’s normal to have said it and there’s no harm done; it just doesn’t help anyone involved.

The fact of the matter is, plainly and simply: Your beautiful baby is mixed with a poodle. There. It’s out now.

There’s not much that can be done to avoid resembling the poodle, except not do a topknot or clean feet on your doodle.

Some doodles have more Poodle traits while others have the other mix (Labrador etc.). Again we are working with genetics and different coats and sometimes we can only do so much.

Trust me when I say, Groomers want to help make your pups look cute but the bottom line is their health and safety and keeping everyone’s expectations real. We are always looking out for you.

I hope this helps and you know where to find me for questions!