My dog's been skunked!!

OMG MY DOG'S BEEN SKUNKED!!! Is usually the first polite words that goes through our head, followed by a bunch of cuss words and some gagging.

DON'T PANIC which is easier said than done but what you're doing is causing the situation to become worse. Take a DEEP BREATH (Away from your dog), and follow these steps:

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT use: Rubbing Alcohol, Baking Soda, Tomato Juice or anything that may have been tried and true or what Dr. Google or any Dog Group Says.

Those remedies (and I use that term very loosely) are mainly to satisfy our noses fast. We're not thinking about how these products can and will affect our dog's skin and coat. Your reluctance to try something different may cause a trip to the vet.

Put it this way: Would YOU like it if someone poured rubbing alcohol on you and then scrubbed you down with baking soda and tomato juice? How do you think your skin will react to that?

Also, think about it: Have a white dog and you use tomato juice or tomatoes? Your dog will be dyed pink and may have seeds stuck in their coat which is toxic to them if ingested.

But I've always done it this way! Isn't a reason. Google Said, Dog Group said, are also not a reliable sources. Tried and true isn't always SAFE and EFFECTIVE.

Instead Follow These Guidelines

Always make sure you have a supply of skunk shampoo-especially if you will be travelling or have pups that think Skunks are their best friends.

1) DO NOT scream at your dog. They've already been told off by the skunk and your yelling at them will only make their anxiety worse. If you need to let it out, swear internally.

2) DO NOT WET or WIPE YOUR DOG down. By doing that, you'll only spread the skunk juice all over them and now you have more skunk to wash off. Once those skunk oils are wet or wiped in, it's game over folks. It will now take you 6mos-1 year to get that smell out and it will come back with a vengeance any time your dog is wet.

3) Reassure your dog that they will be O.K.. Make sure everyone else in the house is calm and collected as they can also contribute to stress. If you need to; continue to swear in your head or under your breath.

4) Have someone be with your dog to reassure them while the other person starts on the necessary bathing process. (i.e opening all the windows, putting on fans). Yes your house will have an odour for a while but that's what room deodorizers are for.

5) DO NOT CUT CORNERS: It doesn't matter how late or early it is. Not following the Skunk Shampoo Guidelines will only cause the odour to remain longer. (See #2). Follow the bathing and drying directions as needed.

6) Don't bathe your dog again after their de-skunking unless that is what the specific shampoo guidlines dictate.

7) Save your money. If you didn't follow the guidelines or you think a professional groom will take the smell out, it won't.

 When all is said and done, decompress and remind yourself that you are a warrior and that you love your dog